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Enter code FREESHIP at checkout for regular price orders of $100+
Enter code FREESHIP at checkout for regular price orders of $100+
Spring 2023: Frequently Asked Questions

Spring 2023: Frequently Asked Questions

Updated on February 17, 2023

Is Mast Shoes open for in-person shopping?

Yes! Our current store hours are Tuesday – Saturday 10AM – 5:30PM (closed Sunday and Monday).

Do I need to make an appointment?

Nope! Walk in anytime Tuesday – Saturday 10AM – 5:30PM. Occasionally there is a short wait to try shoes on (between 1 – 10 minutes usually). You’re welcome to browse while you wait. We also have seats to rest on. Make sure to give your name to our host, and we’ll come find you when it’s your turn to have your feet measured and try shoes.

What are your store hours?

Tuesday 10AM – 5:30PM
Wednesday 10AM – 5:30PM
Thursday 10AM – 5:30PM
Friday 10AM – 5:30PM
Saturday 10AM – 5:30PM
Sunday: Closed
Monday: Closed

When should I come if I want to guaranteed no wait?

Tuesday - Saturday right at 10AM is a time when there is no wait.

Is there anything special going on this month?

Yes! Several things:

1. Our SALE RACK is packed with Winter Clearance shoes and boots!

2. Our entire Keen collection is 25% off through February 28!

3. New spring arrivals are flowing in every day!

I'd like to browse. Can I do that?

Yes! Come on in. If you want to try shoes, be sure to give the host your first name so that you’re in the queue to try shoes on. We’ll call your name when it’s your turn.

Why do I need to check in with the host?

If all of our team members are assisting customers when you arrive, giving your name to the host will ensure you get assistance if you want it. Our next available shoe fitter will call your name, take you to a seating area (that holds 2 people), offer to measure your feet and get you shoes to try. You’re welcome to browse or sit in our waiting area until your name is called.

It has been a long time since I’ve been in. What does it look like in there now?

Here’s a pic!

The store is set up for browsing on the right and fitting on the left. The sale rack is in the back of the store. Be sure to leave your name with the host if you’d like to try shoes on.

Are you still offering contact-free curbside pickup?

Yes, we are! Place your order for shoes, insoles, socks, and shoe care products by online or by phone and your order will be ready for pick up within an hour. If you place your order outside of business hours, it will be ready for you in the first hour of the next business day.

You can find our online shop here:
Our phone number is: 734-662-8118

What if I want to walk into the store and pick up the order I placed online or by phone?

You’re welcome to do that! After placing your order, walk in anytime during business hours and tell the host you’re here to pick up your order. They’ll hand it to you.

I’d like to look at your shoes before I come in. Can I look at them online?

Yes! You can view our collection here:

Are all the shoes you have online?

Most of them! Also online are our socks from Smartwool & Sockwell, our Powerstep collection & popular gift items. Most of our sale items are not in our online shop. Our sale shoes are currently on the sale racks in the back of the store.

Additional ways to browse our collection and “get inside” before coming in to try shoes on are:

Can I use my gift certificate to pay for a phone order?

Our gift certificates are like cash. You'll need to present it in person (or send it to us by mail) for it to be used.

Can I use my gift certificate to pay for an online order?

Unfortunately, no.

Do you have a sale rack?

Yes! You’ll find it in the back of the store and it's packed with bargains! For the best selection, shop in the store. We often have things on sale in-store that are not online.

Can I still request donations from Mast Shoes?

Yes. Please email your request to or drop your printed information off to the store. We give in-kind donations to approved organizations in Washtenaw Country.

I’d like to purchase a really good pair of shoes for someone in need. Can I buy the shoes and you find the person who needs them?

Absolutely. One of our amazing customers invented this unofficial program. She called and said “I want to use my stimulus check to buy shoes for someone who needs them. Do you know anyone?” We are happy to pass along gift certificates you purchase to people who will benefit from high-quality, well-fitting shoes. We have a network of social workers who serve people in our community who would benefit from good shoes and otherwise couldn’t afford them.

I’ve heard and read some things about the importance of purchasing from our small, local businesses during the pandemic. Why?

To put it bluntly, if we want local shops like us and restaurants to be here for us to enjoy post-pandemic the single most helpful thing you can do to make that happen is to buy from them as much as possible. In addition to storefronts, all of us have websites to order from, curbside pickup & shipping options. Shop Small as much as you can all year. It is our pleasure and passion to serve our community & employ community members but without sales, it isn’t sustainable.

Consider your purchases from local shops and restaurants as an investment that pays dividends. For example, when you buy your mom a pair of slippers from Mast Shoes, your brother a book from Literati or Nicola’s Books, and your children or grandchildren clothes and toys from The Little Seedling, the dividend you’ll be paid next year is that these businesses will still be here in town for you to use and enjoy again.

Please do not use Mast Shoes (and other local businesses) for "showrooming."

Showrooming is visiting a local, physical store in order to examine or try on a product before buying online from Amazon or another online retailer. Using local businesses to “showroom” is really not cool. It uses our time and expertise and depletes our resources because we could have spent that time with customers who came with the intention of buying from us. Selling shoes is the way we stay in business. We know our customers are awesome and don’t do this but it’s worth mentioning in this context. Please spread the word to family and friends that this isn't something that's ok to do.

The more you encourage your family and friends to shift some of their purchases to local shops the more you can positively affect our community and our local economy. One great way to spread the word is to fill your own birthday and holiday wish lists with items from local shops.

How ARE you doing?

While the pandemic brought challenges to just about every nook and cranny of Mast Shoes, we’re doing really well now. We have a healthy all-star shoe fitting team, 10,000 pairs of shoes in stock, a beautiful store, and the best customers in the world. We’re pretty darn lucky.

How can I support you and other local businesses?

Continue making your footwear purchases from us.

Recommend us to your friends and family.

Be extra kind to every service worker you come in contact with (not just us).

Leave us a positive review on one or more of the following sites:

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You’re the BEST! Thank you.

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