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8 Reasons to Upgrade Your Sock Collection

8 Reasons to Upgrade Your Sock Collection

Socks are a vital ingredient for optimal foot health and comfort. Socks can make or break your experience of a pair of shoes, a workout, an event, or worse, an entire day. 80 years of fitting shoes (and socks!) and speaking with our wonderful customers has shown us that many people know this and many people don’t. We continue to spread the word. Sock choice is important!

Every fall our extensive sock collection catches eyes with its vibrant color and tempts fingers with its tactile variety. We stock a variety of socks all year in order to have plenty of options to suit the many needs of our customers feet. There are hundreds of different weights, textures, fibers, colors and patterns. We stock women’s size 5 up through men’s size 15. Our fit experts take into consideration foot health needs, activity, style preferences and then present the best options in the appropriate size. Please do not hesitate to ask us about our socks. And please try some on while you’re here. We always keep our “try-on bin” full of freshly laundered socks from our collection which includes a hand-picked assortment from Smartwool, Sockwell, Thorlo and Wigwam.

8 Reasons To Upgrade Your Sock Collection Now:

  1. Your feet are uncomfortably sweaty on a regular basis
  2. You get blisters, corns or callouses even when wearing well-fitting shoes
  3. Your feet are stinky
  4. Your feet are too cold OR too hot
  5. You have a skin rash on your feet
  6. Your toes feel crowded and/or pulled
  7. You have a trip coming up and don’t want to pack many socks
  8. Your socks are worn out and don’t feel good anymore

Our feet sweat A LOT.

Have you ever been stuck in moist socks or nylons all day? Most of us have at some point. It’s not pleasant. It’s uncomfortable and can be distracting. Wearing wet socks increases risk for undesirable things like blisters, sores, athlete’s foot, rashes or frostbite.

Every sock in our store is made of moisture wicking fibers. Why? Because our feet sweat a lot and it’s not healthy to let that moisture remain next to our feet in an enclosed environment. There are 125,000 sweat glands on each foot. On average, a pair of feet gives off a half pint of sweat a day. Our moisture wicking socks pull sweat away from the skin allowing feet to stay dry, reducing the risk of yucky things like foot fungus and rashes. When feet are kept dry, there is less friction between toes and that reduces the occurrence of blisters, calluses and corns. The high-grade merino wool socks we carry in many thicknesses are temperature regulating. When your feet are hot, the fibers cool your feet down. When your feet are cold, the fibers warm your feet. Most of us don’t know that wool is a wonderful fiber to wear in warm weather as well as cold.

The Types of Socks You’ll Find at Mast Shoes:

  • Everyday socks (solid colors and fun patterns)
  • Athletic walking and running socks
  • Compression socks (15-20 mm HG)
  • Non-binding socks
  • Socks with extra cushioning on the bottom
  • No-show socks (these can also function as orthotic covers)

Customer frequently come in with the following problems, all of which can be addressed with quality moisture-wicking socks.

  • My feet smell really bad despite washing them every day
  • My feet are cold even when I’m wearing my insulated boots
  • My feet feel wet in my waterproof shoes/boots
  • My feet feel itchy/burning/sensitive
  • I’ve lost most of the fat pad on the bottoms of my feet and now they don’t provide enough cushion
  • My feet are tingling (numb or sensitive) due to a medication side-effect
Upgrade your sock collection today! Shop in-store Tuesday - Saturday 10 - 5:30 or order from our online shop anytime.
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