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Enter code FREESHIP at checkout for regular price orders of $100+
Enter code FREESHIP at checkout for regular price orders of $100+

Now Hiring! Sales & Shoe Fitting Professionals

Review the job description below and then complete this application.

What is the job, in a nutshell? Love & serve our community by hosting outstanding retail experiences for our guests in a turbulent world. Ensure that their Mast Shoes visit is friendly, successful, efficient, easy, and positive. Build customer loyalty by ensuring that every shoe Mast Shoes sells fits well and feels good. Bring positive energy, hustle, and kindness to your customers, your coworkers, and yourself every shift. And of course, sell a lot of shoes!

What skills & characteristics do I need?

  • Enjoys welcoming & interacting with many people each day
  • Dependable, prompt, and reliable. A strong attendance record required
  • Stays calm under pressure; stamina, patience, & positive attitude 
  • Ability to maintain enthusiasm & energy in a fast-paced, sometimes loud, environment 
  • Can smoothly & confidently guide guests through the shopping & fitting experience
  • Outstanding cleanliness & sanitation habits (both personal and place)
  • Daily actions demonstrate teamwork, cooperation, and professionalism
  • Excellent verbal communication, especially while wearing a face mask
  • Conveys enthusiasm & welcome, even while wearing a face mask
  • Is comfortable around feet, used shoes, and people with physical challenges
  • Adaptable in navigating current regularly changing covid safety practices
  • Able to work safely:
        -in close proximity with other people while wearing a face mask
        -work on feet for 8 hours
        -walk, bend, reach
        -lift 5 - 10 lbs throughout the shift (1-3 shoe boxes at a time)
        -go up and down stairs and occasional ladders
        -put shoes on people’s feet 

What Are My Responsibilities?

On-shift tasks will include

  • Guide guests through the fitting process
  • Use the Mast Shoes 7-step shoe fitting & selling process

    -Have in-depth knowledge of our inventory and its current applications
    -Greet, listen, and gather information
    -Measure feet, make observations, and ask questions
    -Bring out footwear that will likely be a good match
    -Put shoes on feet, analyze fit, listen and make suggestions
    -Ask “While you’re here, what else would you like to take care of today?”
    -When the sale is complete, sincerely thank the guest and invite them back

  • Pro-actively welcome, greet, and thank guests
  • During slower traffic times, “prep” the sales floor (pick up, clean, tidy displays)
  • Operate the cash register; ring up sales, process credit cards, gift certificates, refunds
  • During slower traffic times assist with stock work
  • Other relevant tasks assigned by the managers
  • Engage and bring positive energy to all team meetings

What else is expected of me?

  • follow all workplace covid safety procedures and adapt quickly when they change
  • take full responsibility for your training
  • project productive, positive energy throughout each shift
  • actively participate in team meetings
  • communicate pro-actively with your managers & co-workers
  • practice excellent workplace safety & etiquette
  • give & receive feedback graciously (assume good intent)
  • maintain a neat, tidy personal appearance in line with the dress code
  • take ownership of your actions, experience, and growth!

Essential Details

What will my schedule be?

  • Full-Time schedule is Tuesday - Saturday 9:30 - 6 (40 hours/week)
  • Part-Time schedule is Tuesday: 9:30 - 3, Thursday 9:30 - 6, Friday 9:30-3, Saturday 9:30-6 (27 hours/week).
  • You will consistently have Sundays and Mondays off. Please schedule your appointments on your days off.

  • Vacations must be taken during the weeks the store is closed each year (usually one week in winter and one week in summer). 

  • There is very little scheduling flexibility with this position. The upside is super-consistent reliable hours in the following timeframe: Tuesday - Saturday 9:30AM - 6PM, which we’ve found supports healthy work/life balance. If you need regular flexibility in your schedule, this position is not a good fit.

  • Time off outside of the weeks the store is closed (one week in winter and one week in summer) is only approved during our slower months (Jan - mid-March and July - August) if the schedule allows unless it’s for illness, medical reasons, or a close family wedding, graduation, or funeral (milestone events). It is required that all sales professionals work their scheduled hours during high-traffic times (mid-March - June and mid-September - December).

How will I be compensated?

  • With no previous shoe store experience, the starting rate is $15 per hour. The hourly rate for more experienced sales professionals is between $16 and $21 per hour.

  • Once-per-month bonuses based on making team sales goals range from $0 - $300 (we usually achieve our top sales goal of $300 6 months of the year, slower months are usually in the $50 - $200 range)

  • Year-end sales bonus based on team sales goals met.


  • 10 days of paid time off to be used during store closures (one week in January and one week in July) for full-time employees. Part-time employees have 54 hours (or the number of hours worked in a two-week period) of paid time off during store closures

  • Health Insurance through our group plan is available to full-time employees after 90 days. Mast Shoes pays 70% and the employee pays 30%

  • A SIMPLE IRA retirement plan with a 3% employer match is available to all employees (enrollment is every January)

Other Perks

  • Consistent 2 days off in a row (Sunday & Monday
  • Guaranteed paid vacation time during store closures
  • No work to take home
  • Non-commission, team-focused, supportive sales environment
  • 40% off employee discount on shoes for yourself anytime
  • Occasional free shoes
  • Occasional cash rewards from suppliers
  • Occasional lunches & treats
  • Ann Arbor District Library card and access (if you live outside of Ann Arbor)

    Who SHOULD apply? 

    This job might be a GREAT fit for you if...

      • making guests feel like they were the best part of your day by treating them well
      • you LOVE learning about people’s activities, challenges & preferences in order to match them with shoes that will serve them well
      • you enjoy learning how to improve and welcome feedback
      • busy days and lots of people energize you
      • you notice & take action on details like shoes on the floor, displays out of order, etc
      • you eagerly find productive things to do during downtime
      • you are looking to be challenged and develop new skills
      • you enjoy selling high-quality products that will directly benefit your customers

    You probably won't be happy in this position if...

    • a lot of people easily overwhelm you
    • you don’t like sales (and/or don’t want to get good at it)
    • you get easily frustrated/annoyed working with the public
    • learning details about products & processes sounds boring
    • smiling for hours wears you out
    • bending, lifting, and walking briskly throughout a shift sounds exhausting
    • you're looking for a short-term/temporary job (less than a year)

    Can you see yourself working with us?


    A peek behind the scenes: