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Enter code FREESHIP at checkout for orders of $100+
Enter code FREESHIP at checkout for orders of $100+

About Us

We Know Every Step Matters

Every step of the way, our teamโ€™s 150 combined years of shoe industry and fitting experience are working for you. Our carefully curated collections are built months in advance taking into consideration style, fit, support, feel, and overall value. We visit the trade shows each season and meet directly with the suppliers and manufacturers. We use our eyes, our hands, and even our feet to select shoes for our inventory. We pick the best shoes from the best brands specializing in comfortable, stylish, healthy shoes.

We strive to make your experience easy and fun. Mast Shoes combines high-level customer relationship and care with contemporary surroundings and styles. We invite you to visit our store and allow us to walk you through finding what best fits your needs.

A Local Gem

Mast Shoes is the best of modern and old-school. Our stylish, relaxed, clean store sets the stage for you to experience the fitting process and see how we use tools like shoe horns, fitting stools and Brannock devices (the metal foot measuring tool) that have been in use since the first day we opened in 1942.

Most importantly, youโ€™ll experience the deep knowledge and fitting skills of our team. Many of us were trained by the three generations of shoe and fit experts who came before us and we continue to strengthen our skills in order to bring the most value to our customers today.