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Plantar fasciitis

Tip of the month: Consistency is key to relieving plantar fasciitis.

Every day, customers come to our store looking for shoes that will help relieve heel and arch pain. Plantar fasciitis is a painful condition in which the plantar fascia, a band of tissue that connects at the base of the heel and extends through the arch to the ball of the foot, becomes irritated and inflamed. It often manifests as a sharp pain at the bottom of the heel, or a radiating pain in the arch.

There are many causes of plantar fasciitis – injury, wearing unsupportive shoes, working on hard surfaces like cement, and weight gain are but a few.

Although there are many recommended approaches for alleviating heel and arch pain, a few suggestions embraced by many of the healthcare professionals sending patients to our store include

1. Wearing firmer shoes that don’t twist from side to side. These “motion control” shoes support the arch and don’t allow the feet to collapse, which can over-stretch the plantar fascia.

2. Wearing shoes with good arch support, or adding orthotic inserts to provide better support in existing shoes. Again, the intent is to lift the arch to prevent overstretching of the plantar fascia.

3. Frequent stretching, especially after periods of being stationary, to “limber up” the plantar fascia before it accommodates our full weight.

4. Icing to relieve irritation.

5. Consistency! It’s important to provide consistent support over an extended period for the plantar fascia to strengthen and repair itself. It only takes a few steps barefoot or in un-supportive shoes for the inflamed area to become re-injured. That’s why many healthcare providers recommend supportive house shoes, in addition to the support shoes and sandals worn for daily activities. By protecting the foot at all times – yes, even the short distance to retrieve the newspaper or use the restroom  – the plantar fascia can heal faster and you can return to normal activities.

Come in and see how we can help you get relief from heel and arch pain. We’ve got great looking, easy-to-wear shoes specifically designed to relieve the pain that comes with plantar fasciitis. We stock several over-the-counter orthotics which can help relieve the pain. And we’ve got a great selection of supportive house shoes, so your feet will always be protected throughout the healing process.

Our knowledgeable staff is ready to help you feel your best. We hope to see you soon!

Please note, always consult your health care provider with any health concerns. Our shoe and fit advice is never intended to be used in place of your health care provider's recommendations.

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