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Enter code FREESHIP at checkout for orders of $100+
Enter code FREESHIP at checkout for orders of $100+

Gift Certificate $750


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Giving the gift of comfortable, well-fitting shoes is a gift that keeps on giving. Your recipient will not only get comfortable shoes. They'll also get the assurance of a great fit, which is key to all-day foot comfort.

When arriving at Mast Shoes to use their gift certificate, they'll benefit from our tried and true process of matching shoes with their unique feet and activities. This is what we do best!

Everyone you know has a birthday coming up. You'll be giving them shoes AND something to look forward to!

These gift certificates do not expire and are valid on in-store purchases.

This amount works great for couples and family shoe shopping. Grab lunch together and head over to Mast Shoes where you'll have fun together and selecting your next batch of well-fitting comfortable shoes.

This amount also works great for one person seeking a "refreshed wardrobe" of healthy shoes. This will cover a pair of supportive walking shoes, house shoes, casual shoes and dress shoes, arch support inserts and/or moisture wicking socks.

This amount also works well for couples who know they'll each need new pairs of well-fitting supportive walking shoes, house shoes, casual and dress shoes in the future.

Other popular gifts ideas:

Smartwool Socks: Pick an assortment from our rainbow of colors and styles and delight your recipient!

Haflinger House Shoes: For people who wear these daily (and most people who own these wear them daily), a fresh pair is always appreciated. Take a peek at the bottom of their current pair for a number between 35 and 50. That's the size to order!